• 15th November 2014
     The International Festival of the Orde des Canardiers http://www.canardiers.asso.fr/festival-2014-en?lang=en
  • 17th May 2015
     Rally of Companionships in Pierrefonds http://www.canardiers.asso.fr/rally-of-companionships-in-pierrefonds?lang=en
  • 6th May 2015
     Dinner at Gill's in Rouen http://www.canardiers.asso.fr/dinner-at-gills-in-rouen?lang=en
  • 18th June 2015
     A day-trip to the Haras du Pin http://www.canardiers.asso.fr/a-day-trip-to-the-haras-du-pin?lang=en
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Monsieur Nicolas MEYER ROSSIGNOL

Président de la Région Haute Normandie

Intronisé Canardier d’Honneur

XXVIIème Festival de l’Ordre des Canardiers



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Les Capucines



Le Quatre Saisons
Hôtel de Dieppe
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Chez Philippe


Erisay Réception





Aux Pavés Normands




La Pomme



Le Réverbère




Le Rouennais

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Sunday 29th January 2012
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Saturday 7th January 2012
New Year Cocktail





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Partners The Canardiers work in partnership with official institutions, tourist offices, food industries and caterers.  


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Canardier Cup


The Canardier Cup is organized every year for training colleges. Its aims are :  

  • to promote catering colleges
  • to inform trainees about Rouennaise Duckling
  • to promote Normandy, the City of Rouen and their local produces

26th March 2012
The 2012 Canardier Cup for Catering Colleges took place on 26th March in the IFA in Mont-Saint-Aignan. The winners were George WIDJAJA (cook) and Kévin AMMOUR (waiter) who came from the IFA Marcel Sauvage in Mont Saint Aignan..
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