Fourteenth Edition of the Canardier Cup for Catering Colleges :

the Normans win at home !




The fourteenth Canardier Cup for catering colleges took place at the Marcel Sauvage IFA of Mont-Saint-Aignan on 26th March 2012. It was organized by Jean-Louis GUIBEY, member of the Council of the Ordre des Canardiers and presided by Vice-President Gérard COUDRAY, owner of “Le Rouennais” in Rouen. Five teams representing different colleges, and including a cook and a waiter, had one hour to prepare Rouennaise Duckling and serve it to the members of the jury (caterers and members of the Ordre des Canardiers). The winners were George WIDJAJA, 21, cook, and Kevin AMMOUR,17, waiter, from the the Marcel Sauvage IFA. They had been trained by Master Canardier Henri GALUSZKA, who teaches at the IFA. A team trained by Master Canardier Patrick PERRUCHAS, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and including Alexandre CHARRON and Jason NICOVIOTIS from the Grégoire Ferrandi College located in Paris came second. Alexis BOUVARD and Robbin SYED, from the same college, came third. Félix LECOUSIN and Thomas LAUNAY, from the Lycée Rabelais in Hérouville Saint Clair, came fourth and their classmates Laura HEBERT and Jean MARCELIN came fifth, all of them trained by Bruno PINET. The day ended with a prize ceremony and a convivial cocktail presided by the head of the IFA, Mrs Nadine MALPLATE

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