Dinner at “Gill”‘s in Rouen


Gill’s, where the Canardiers are now used to going every year, is one of Rouen’s key restaurants. Despite the holiday time, the meal organized in May gathered about 30 Canardiers who looked forward to savouring Master Canardier Gilles TOURNADRE’s tasty creations. After having some Champagne with appetisers, the guests were served Horseradish Raviolis stuffed with Brown Crab in Shellfish Cream, seasoned with Ginger and Lovage Oil. Then, they had Panned Blue Cat with Broccoli Mousseline and Shellfish and Chorizo Fricassée. Finally, the surprise dessert consisted of Fruit and Chocolate Delights. Everyone enjoyed this delicious meal and expressed warm thanks to the Chef, Mrs Sylvie TOURNADRE and their staff


Mise en bouche
Les Raviolis de radis noirs
farcis de tourteau

Assaisonnés à l’huile de gingembre et livèche, crémeuse de crustacés
La Barbue poêlée en filet
Mousseline de brocoli, fricassée de coquillages aux dés de chorizo
Les 3 desserts du Chef