The 2014 edition of the Fete du Ventre


The fifteenth edition of the Fête du Ventre, organized by “Rouen Conquérant”, was held on 18th and 19th October 2014 in excellent sunny weather. The 140 exhibitors offered a wide range of Norman produces and on the caterers’ stand, different chefs prepared and offered samples of their specialty to the numerous crowd. This year’s special guest was Pierre LEFEBVRE, who was in the final round of the Masterchef contest and had just published two recipe books entitled “Les Carnets de Pierre et Simon”. Some companionships, including the Ordre des Canardiers with Jacques BREVERY, their Consul in Florida, attended the inauguration and the preparation of Rouennaise Duckling achieved by Master Canardiers David BROCHET and jean-Paul LAVISSE and explained by Patrice THOMAS, from the Council of the Ordre.














































The local radio-station France Bleur Haute-Normandie had its own stall during the Fête du Ventre, held in Rouen on 18th and 19th October 2014, in order to report live the different events taking place during the festival. Just after the inauguration ceremony, during his morning programme, Alain BERNARD interviewed Dr Jacques BREVERY, Consul of the Canardiers in Florida, and President Jean-Pierre CORLAY






Dr Jacques BREVERY, Florida’s Consul of the Ordre des Canardiers, stayed in Rouen from 17th to 19th October 2014 as part of a visit to the Canardiers and also as a prominent member of the American Culinary Federation whose national convention is due to take place in July 2015 in Orlando, Fl. Together with the Canardiers, he worked on a possible participation to this convention, which would consist in performing the recipe for several hundred American chefs. After attending the inauguration ceremony of the Fête du Ventre, he was Betty and Gérard COUDRAY’s guest at “Le Rouennais” for lunch, had dinner at Master Canardier José RATO’s “Le Réverbère” and was also the Canardiers’ guest at Master Canardier Martial DUVAL’s “Chez Martial”, in Bonsecours, on Sunday.