Saint Fiacre – September 3rd 2017


September 3rd, 2017 : Saint Fiacre’s DayEvery year, Saint-Fiacre, the patron saint of gardeners, market gardeners, horticulturists and florists iscelebrated in Rouen’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart, always wonderfully decorated by Gérard FARCY and the members of the Saint-Fiacre Companionships, who this year again, displayed flowers, fruits and vegetablesin the church where the service was held on September 3 rd . As usual, a delegation of the Ordre desCanardiers attended the celebration : Josette CHEVAL, Monique CORLAY, Eliane and Paul DEFEUILLET,Françoise and John DOUGHTY, Dominique and Gilles HAUVILLE, Danièle and Jean-Pierre GUERIN, Cécileand Patrice THOMAS.
Patrice THOMAS