History – Aims

The Order of Canardiers. was created in January 1986 by Michel Gueret, Founder President, with 20 personalities who care for the maintenance of our cultural heritage: culinary art, symbolized by the development of a great regional recipe the rouennaise Duckling.


The Order of Canardiers is an association governed by the French law of 1901 wich includes two kinds of members: Master Canardiers who are the professionals that serve the Rouennaise Duckling in their establishment and Gentleman or Lady Canardiers who are gourmets that appreciate the recipe and share the purposes of the association. The Canardiers of Honour belong to either group of members, have done a great turn to the Order and then deserve this title. The Mayor of Rouen is given the title of Greatly Honorable Canardier. All the members owe each other friendship, help and good mood. The Order of Canardiers has created its own coat of arms: it is inspired from the arms of the city of Rouen and pictures a happy duckling holding a banner bearing a duck press and three cook caps (instead of the tree lilies). The order of Canardiers has had a special anthem written, which is played at the opening of each session, the latter being held according to a strict protocol.

Council of order

After the general assembly on October 7th, 2017, Coucil of Order is:  

Elected Members

David BROCHET, Josette CHEVAL, Gérard COUDRAY, Paul DEFEUILLET,  John DOUGHTY, Philippe DUJAY, Frédéric FOURE, Bernard GOSSAY, Pierre GUERET, Jean-Pierre GUERIN, Jean-Louis GUIBEY, Loïc LELIEUR, Jean LOISEL, Julien MARCHAL-GUERET, Maryvonne MAZE-COLBOC, Patrice THOMAS, Jean-Pierre VILLETTE


Fouding Members
Gilles HAUVILLE ; Patrick HERR 





After Council of Order meeting on January 8th, 2015, the Committee (elected for 3 years) is : 

Elected Members

Jean Pierre CORLAY Président, Gérard COUDRAY Vice Président, Gérard LAURENCE Secrétaire Général, Jean LOISEL Trésorier Général, John DOUGHTY Chargé de mission “Démonstrations” et Festival, Philippe DUJAY Chargé de mission “Partenariat”, Jean Louis GUIBEY Chargé de mission Coupe Trophée, Jean-Marie FIQUET, Frédéric FOURE Patrice THOMAS Webmaster.

Fouding Members
Gilles HAUVILLE, Patrick HERR.