Rally of Companionships in Pierrefonds – 17th May 2015





Maryse ANDRIEUX, Picardy’s Consul of the Ordre des Canardiers invited companionships to gather in the Domaine des Thermes, owned by Master Canardier Charles-Richard DELSAUX for the fifth edition of this rally on 17th May 2015. Some 17 companionships and 140 guests attended this event and were on the premises as soon as 9.00am. They were welcomed by Maryse ANDRIEUX who invited them to help themselves at the buffet, installed in the gorgeous park on the bank of the lake, with a view on the equally gorgeous Château de Pierrefonds, under a sunny sky. Afterwards, each companionship, whose members were wearing their traditional attire, was introduced and each member was offered a Canardier souvenir and a certificate. Then, it was time for Master Canardier Charles-Richard DELSAUX to show the guests his skills by preparing Rouennaise-style Duckling, helped by Maryse ANDRIEUX’s eloquent comments. The meal, whose main course was Rouennaise Duckling, was served in the main hall. Thanks to the musicians and the singers, the guests could also go for a dance in a cheerful atmosphere. Some members of Rallye Toujours, Charles-Richard’s late father’s band of horn players, gave a performance in the park. Just like the first four editions, the fifth one, attended by two members of the Council of the Ordre, Gérard LAURENCE and Jean-Marie FIQUET, was a huge success.